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Texas Loses Third Court Battle to Block New Air Pollution Regulations

Statement from Environmental Defense Fund


The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. today denied the State of
Texas' third attempt to block the implementation of greenhouse gas
pollution control measures for the largest sources of pollution. At
stake in the current case is a narrow federal action to ensure the
largest sources in Texas can obtain construction permits. Environmental
Defense Fund released the following statement:

"Three strikes should mean 'you're out' in this case. The state
government in Texas has now filed three cases in the federal courts to
block EPA's greenhouse gas pollution reduction policies, and it has been
rejected three times. If Texas put half the effort into carrying out
greenhouse gas pollution control measures that it put into fighting
them, EPA would not need to be involved. Plus, Texas businesses could
then enjoy the same certainty that businesses in every other state will

- Steve Cochran

Vice President for Climate and Air

Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Defense Fund's mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends. Guided by science and economics, we find practical and lasting solutions to the most serious environmental problems. We work to solve the most critical environmental problems facing the planet. This has drawn us to areas that span the biosphere: climate, oceans, ecosystems and health. Since these topics are intertwined, our solutions take a multidisciplinary approach. We work in concert with other organizations -- as well as with business, government and communities -- and avoid duplicating work already being done effectively by others.