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Congressional Leaders Unveil New Legislation on Zimbabwe

Africa Action Calls the ‘Zimbabwe Renewal Act of 2010’ a ‘Major Step Forward for the People of Zimbabwe’


Action, the oldest human rights organization focused exclusively on
Africa, celebrates the introduction of the Zimbabwe Renewal Act of 2010
(H.R. 5971) in the House of Representatives.

Sponsored by Congressmen Payne, and cosponsored by over 35 members of
Congress, the new legislation aims to bring about a major shift in U.S.
policy that is significant to the democratic transition in Zimbabwe and
aligns with the latest political and economic developments on the

Gerald LeMelle, executive director of Africa Action said,
"This is a promising day for everyone who supports democracy and
development in Zimbabwe. The new legislation is a major step forward
for the people of Zimbabwe."

Africa Action, in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Alliance - a
collaboration of like-minded partners working within a human rights
framework to promote a successful democratic transition in Zimbabwe, has
been working to bring about such a policy shift in the U.S.

Michael Stulman, associate director for policy and communications added,
"The House of Representatives and Senate must work together now in
light of the opportunity that exists to build robust democratic
institutions and strengthen democratic actors in Zimbabwe."

Key provisions of the Zimbabwe Renewal Act of 2010 include:

  • Establishing a multi-donor human rights trust fund and support
    crucial sectors, like health care, education, agriculture, clean water
    and an emergency vocational work program for youth in Zimbabwe
  • Instructing the Secretary of the Treasury to forgive Zimbabwe's
    bilateral debt, and in consultation with the Secretary of State, gather
    information on the feasibility and advisability of restructuring,
    rescheduling, or eliminating such debt in the future
  • Maintaining targeted sanctions against individuals who continue
    to undermine the democratic processes and review and update existing
    sanctions to reflect changing conditions on the ground

For more information and analysis on Zimbabwe, visit or visit the Zimbabwe Alliance website,

Africa Action is a national organization that works for political, economic and social justice in Africa. Through the provision of accessible information and analysis combined with the mobilization of public pressure we work to change the policies and policy-making processes of U.S. and multinational institutions toward Africa. The work of Africa Action is grounded in the history and purpose of its predecessor organizations, the American Committee on Africa (ACOA), The Africa Fund, and the Africa Policy Information Center (APIC), which have fought for freedom and justice in Africa since 1953. Continuing this tradition, Africa Action seeks to re-shape U.S. policy toward African countries.