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National Broadband Plan: Competition Policy Is Key

Free Press Releases Yardstick for FCC Plan and Overhaul of Nation's Communications Infrastructure


Free Press today released Making the National Broadband Plan Work for America,
a public interest guide that lays out the central questions that must
be answered by the Federal Communications Commission in its efforts to
build a National Broadband Plan for America. In the paper, Free Press
points to the creation of better broadband competition as the driving
issue behind the plan's success. The FCC is meeting on Wednesday to
review the latest outline of the comprehensive policy review ordered by

"The National Broadband Plan is where the rubber meets the road," said Ben Scott,
policy director of Free Press. "The success of broadband adoption and
deployment issues all hinge on to whether we have a competitive
marketplace. If the broadband plan does not address the broadband
competition crisis then the FCC will not be in a position to deliver
the world-class communications infrastructure Congress has asked for."

"The FCC must create an ambitious blueprint for delivering a
future-proof system and correcting major market failures. Broadband is
now an essential service like water, electricity and the telephone. No
longer is Internet access a luxury service for consumers -- it is a
must-have service for the public."

Read Making the National Broadband plan Work for America:

The new issue brief is a tool for measuring the National Broadband
Plan's ability to meet tough challenges. It lays out the core issues
the National Broadband Plan must answer to serve the public interest
and includes policy recommendations for spurring competition, expanding
broadband to rural America, and guaranteeing openness and
accountability. In recent years, the United States has been rapidly
slipping down the ranks of the world's leading broadband nations. More
than 30 percent of American households do not have high-speed Internet

"Millions of Americans from across the country will be watching to
see if the FCC delivers on their promises to develop a plan that will
put the people of this country first," said Josh Silver,
executive director of Free Press. "Activists from every state and every
region are geared up to push for a meaningful national broadband plan
that will allow true universal access to today's technology. Free Press
is watching the development of the National Broadband Plan and will
monitor the FCC's progress to judge whether the commissioners are
listening to the telecom lobbyists or to the public."

Read Making the National Broadband plan Work for America:

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