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Action at State Department on Tar Sands - World's Dirtiest Oil

Secretary of State Clinton Is The Focus of New Effort to Stop the Dirtiest Oil in the World - Canadian Tar Sand Oil - from Reaching the U.S.


Secretary of State Clinton Is The Focus of New Effort to Stop
the Dirtiest Oil in the World - Canadian Tar Sand Oil - from Reaching the

Ad in Roll Call - the preeminent DC political paper - will highlight
Clinton's ability to stop new oil pipelines;
Clean energy 'Smell Test' offered at State Department
WHAT: On Wednesday, Secretary Clinton will be the focus of an
advertisement in Roll Call.* (Available at on
Wednesday at 6 am). In addition, ForestEthics will be offering a 'clean
energy smell test' in front of the State Department, and reporting back on
its delivery of Tar Sands sludge to key officials. The smell test will be
playful, well-choreographed, and an excellent photo/video opportunity.
Passer-byes will be offered the chance to smell three different vials to
determine which smells like our clean energy future.

* Great Visuals: high resolution images of people taking the 'clean energy
smell test' will be available after the event. Copies of the ad, as well
as images of the Tar Sands, will also be available.

WHY: The Canadian Tar Sands are located a day's drive from Glacier
National Park and are one of the most destructive projects on Earth.
Already visible from space, the Tar Sands, - a lunar landscape of
'sacrifice zone' -are scheduled to grow to the size of Michigan.
Tar Sands oil production generates 3-5 times the greenhouse gas emissions
of conventional oil. Production of Tar Sands oil destroys fresh drinking
water, pollutes the air, and razes some of the world's last remaining
endangered forests. Dirty Tar Sands oil cannot be made clean by
technological solutions.

Sec. Clinton is fast becoming the center of an escalating controversy over
oil from Canada's Tar Sands because the Secretary of State possesses the
authority to approve or disapprove permits for all pipelines crossing into
the United States. Right now, she faces critical decisions on several
pipelines that would carry oil from Canada's controversial Tar Sands. The
Alberta Clipper pipeline to Wisconsin is up for approval by the U.S. State
Department in just two weeks. And only one person has the power to stop
the dirtiest oil project on earth: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
On Tuesday, thousands of US citizens began asking Sec. Clinton to protect
future generations from Canada's dirty oil.

WHO: Environmental activists from ForestEthics will be at the State
Department. ForestEthics and the Sierra Club are running the Roll Call ad

WHEN: Wednesday, June 24th at 11:00am EST.

WHERE: In front of the US Department of State: 2201 C St NW, 20520-0099

* Information about Roll Call can be viewed at

Founded in 2000, ForestEthics is a nonprofit environmental organization with staff in Canada, the United States and Chile. Our mission is to protect Endangered Forests and wild places, wildlife, and human wellbeing--one of our focus areas is climate change, which compromises all of our efforts if left unchecked. We catalyze environmental leadership among industry, governments and communities by running hard-hitting and highly effective campaigns that leverage public dialogue and pressure to achieve our goals.