United Kingdom

Jake Johnson, staff writer
"This is a bad deal for the country. That is why Labour will oppose this deal in parliament."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Mark Zuckerberg
"Facebook will learn that all are subject to the rule of law. Yes, even them."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"This is a growing, exciting movement. We demand radical change over climate breakdown" Extinction Rebellion wrote on Twitter. (Photo: Extinction Rebellion/Twitter)
"Only through daily economic disruption will the government recognize the...


Lest we forget, amidst the post-Brexit chaos and hate crimes there is this: Protests, flashmobs, media campaigns, petitions to revote, widespread assertions of our common humanity, and this fabulous selfie of London Mayor Sadiq Khan breaking Ramadan fast with Christians, Jews, Sikhs, young people all insisting, Yes, we can live like this. One U.K. pol on Brexit: "This isn’t taking our country back, this is turning Britain into a place we have never, ever been."