United Kingdom

Julia Conley, staff writer
"This Brexit crisis has now come down to a simple question about whether we live in a democracy: can we allow Boris Johnson to force No Deal on our country, without all of us having our voice heard?"
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
Jo and Boris Johnson in happier times. Jo left Parliament today, citing tensions between family and politics.
Week of legislative defeats and popular ridicule continues for embattled UK...
Julia Conley, staff writer
"In every corner of the globe and certainly here in America, every constituent...


Lest we forget, amidst the post-Brexit chaos and hate crimes there is this: Protests, flashmobs, media campaigns, petitions to revote, widespread assertions of our common humanity, and this fabulous selfie of London Mayor Sadiq Khan breaking Ramadan fast with Christians, Jews, Sikhs, young people all insisting, Yes, we can live like this. One U.K. pol on Brexit: "This isn’t taking our country back, this is turning Britain into a place we have never, ever been."