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New Issue Brief on Recovery Plan Resources for Direct Care Workers


these uncertain economic times, as states look for ways to cut costs
and services, we may be tempted to use stimulus funds for "Band-Aid
solutions." Instead, a new policy brief from the Direct Care Alliance, Using Recovery Act Funds to Improve Direct Care Jobs and the Quality of Direct Care Services, seizes the opportunity to improve these vital jobs now - and to set the stage for future improvements.

The brief, authored by CEPR's
Shawn Fremstad, identifies funding available through President Barack
Obama's Recovery Plan that could be used to invest in direct care
workers through several means, including wages, education, and research
that shows how improving direct care jobs improves care quality.

Recovery Act funds must be allocated for activities that will stimulate
the economy, and how better to do that than by investing in direct care
work, one of the fastest-growing sectors of our nation's economy? Any
dollars we pass on to these low-wage workers would be used to purchase
essential goods and services, multiplying their stimulus effect.

The full brief is available from CEPR or the Direct Care Alliance.

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