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Healthcare NOT Warfare: Members Will Take to the Phones to Support Conyers' Single-Payer Bill


Progressive Democrats of America
will take to the phones on Lincoln's Birthday to call all U.S.
representatives and senators and encourage their support for HR 676,
The National Health Insurance Act, reintroduced last week by Rep. John
Conyers (D-MI).

Callers will
also contact the White House to urge President Obama, the nation's No.
1 Lincoln fan, to back the measure that would create some 2.6 million jobs in healthcare and related sectors.

"We're taking action in concert with a broad range of other groups
to let Congress know that there is public support for a single-payer
health plan as the only way to achieve truly affordable, quality
healthcare for all Americans," said Tim Carpenter, PDA's national
director. "At the same time, PDA is continuing the Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign to urge a quick end to the expensive and counterproductive operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and the redirection of those funds and energies to meeting the urgent domestic need for healthcare for all."

Building on momentum from a similar call-in day in December and an inspiring grassroots conference
over the inaugural weekend in January, PDA members across the nation
will be calling the district offices of their representatives and
senators on Thursday, thanking those who co-sponsored HR 676 in the
last Congress and urging the rest to sign on as co-sponsors of the new

Also participating in the national call-in day are other groups that make up the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Healthcare, including California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, Healthcare-NOW! , and Physicians for a National Health Program, among others.

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