The Trauma of Palestinian Children

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The Trauma of Palestinian Children

WASHINGTON - Danny Muller focuses on disaster management and response in the Middle East and Haiti. He is a coordinator of public health and humanitarian aid efforts for the Middle East Children’s Alliance. He said today, “What can’t be seen or understood in the pictures and reporting coming out of Gaza is the long term impact the most recent Israeli assault is having on the young minds of children in Gaza. Unfortunately, our staff has seen this before — most recently in 2012 and 2009 during Operation Pillar of Defense and Operation Cast Lead. Almost 800,000 children in Gaza are 14 and under, and more children have been killed than fighters in Gaza. For those who survive, hundreds of thousands of children will exhibit signs of trauma from night terrors to refusing to speak. Trauma does not end when ceasefires begin. Israel’s war is an intentional war on the health and well being of Palestinian children, and it must be stopped.”

DANNY MULLER, fugedaboutit at, @MECAForPeace


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