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It's the Stupidity, Stupid!

Solomon Hakim

The elite, the most powerful, influential, and wealthy individuals among us, have essentially succeeded in creating the most important element in sustaining their perpetual control: eternally loyal, anti-thinking, slave-followers, fundamentally hostile to any kind of meaningful thought, perhaps as much as eighty percent of the world's population. For the purposes of keeping this article short enough for publication, my comments here are limited to Americans.

That half of you Americans are considering voting for a ticket whose VP candidate supports creationism, in this 2008, who opposes abortions even in the case of rape or incest, and who has literally boasted of her foreign experience primarily because Russia shares a border with her state, simply boggles the mind. Yes, let's forget Reason, forget common sense, forget science, forget critical thought which without progression, technology, modern civilization, wouldn't exist, and let's vote for a creationist! And a female one to boot! Your cant is beyond frightening. If Hockey Mom's values are that precious to your hearts, or if it's her gender that blows your whistle that much, why do you even bother, for example, going to the doctor when your kid is sick? Just go to church or a feminist group meeting instead! You stupid seventy million plus neurologically diseased Baptist Americans! Even God Himself would struggle to make you see! Didn't Jesus profess that truth is better than untruth? How is it that you care so little about wisdom, about truth, about humaneness, about the most meaningful values there can be in this life? Is it because you are simply awaiting, as your Holy Bible describes, the next one? Do us agnostics a favor and take the trip already!

These days in America, there are at present two candidates vying for the presidency. One has a long record of being an anti-regulator, a pro-trickle-down-economics-theory adherent, essentially privileging the elite over the slaves. Another, is a rare, seemingly honest and inspirational individual who promises to throw a bit more crumbs to the slaves, while not rocking the elite's boat too much. There were better, third choice candidates before, people of scrupulous honesty and integrity, who aroused the interest of the sincere, the thoughtful, who in-turn supported the likes of Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader. But now only two major candidates remain. Given the last eight miserable years, Barack Obama, the far lesser evil of the two candidates, would seem to be a shoo-in. But no. The race is neck and neck! You Americans, your stupidity knows no bounds.

As if the proven vote-rigging of 2000 in Florida and 2004 in Ohio, ala-Choicepoint, as if the sudden, disappearance of $2.3 trillion US Dollars from the Department of Defense budget, admitted by its head thug, Donald Rumsfeld, on September 10, 2001, as if the bloody and financial messes called Iraq and Afghanistan, as if the Bechtel, Haliburton no-bid-war-contracts, not to mention the as-yet-unprosecuted handling of Katrina, as if the aftermath of 9/11, for example, the reprehensible lack of healthcare for the worsening conditions of the post-9/11 workers/volunteers, some of whom have since died of respiratory diseases, or the similarly shameless lack of quality healthcare for returning Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, as if the purposeful alienation of our strongest world allies, as if that damn charade show they dare called "the 9/11 Commission," whose initial creation was fought against tooth and nail by the super-villain Bush/Cheney duo, as if the Patriot Acts I and II, as if Mama Bush's spectacularly insulting comment that the Katrina victims in the Superdome "had it better than ever, as I understand they are quite poor"; as if all of these events, occurring under Republican rule of both executive and legislative branches, were simply not enough to bear, the US now finds itself in arguably its greatest financial crisis, unarguably, a direct result of too little regulation, too little government oversight, particularly in the derivatives markets. You see, all of this freedom from regulation, from "bureaucrats," was made possible by the systematic and steady dismantling of hard-won FDR-created government regulations, pushed since the 60's, virtually exclusively by the GOP, the elite's Party.

Yet despite all of these facts and events, approximately half of US citizens nevertheless still show interest in voting for "Mr. deregulation," a staunch Party member of the boys that have been doing all that deregulating over the last four-plus decades, an absolute adherent of that Party's free market fundamentalism: the invisible, omnipotent hand of capitalism.

Well, it's time to call a spade a spade. Forgive me James Carville, but, it's not the economy, stupid. It's the stupidity, stupid!!

You hopeless Americans! It is you who are the problem! You, by virtue of your incorrigibility, are not worthy of being anything but slaves!

"King" Henry Paulson, our Treasury Secretary, is a former CEO of Goldman Sachs. That means he comes directly from the very crowd that created the current financial mess, the ever-greedy investment banks led by the elite, who now together demand, daily, from Congress, pushed on by Dubya, a speedy, yes speedy, blank check for perhaps over a trillion US Dollars which they will spend without real oversight! And yet, despite all of this, you stupid Americans are seriously thinking of voting for that guy who has his whole political life basically taken his orders from that same elite!

If you cannot wake up from your own madness, you deserve every ounce of terrible, unrepresentative government you get! And in ten years, when the US' status resembles that of Argentina, no offense to Argentina, a third world nation marked by hyperinflation, an absent middle class, a tiny ruling elite, and a 99% population below or at the poverty line, perhaps, just perhaps, then, you will begin to critique your own stupidity, to think for yourselves, to shed the shackles of your slavery, and to concentrate more on the meaningful values of wisdom and truth related to your own lives, instead of trash-distractions like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Mrs. lipstick.

This is the world we live in. This is the world we cover.

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Solomon Hakim is a US Citizen, permanent Korea resident and freelance writer. He can be reached at

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