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Time Warner

How the AT&T-Time Warner Deal Could Ruin the Open Internet

Even in an age of increasing consolidation, the AT&T-Time Warner merger is a big one.

Gaurav Laroia ·

'The Pressure Is Working': Watchdogs Welcome FCC's 'Serious Concerns' With Sinclair-Tribune Merger

Chairman Ajit Pai introduced an order that would require the merger applicants to participate in an administrative review process often seen as a "deal-killer"

Jessica Corbett ·

Team Internet Wins as California Bill Regains Key Net Neutrality Protections

Legislation that had been "eviscerated" just weeks ago sees key provisions restored—a development advocacy groups attribute to people power

Andrea Germanos ·

Corruption at the Assembly Committee Gutted California's Net Neutrality

Between the money, the disingenuous arguments of the telecoms, and the manipulated process that forced the hostile amendments into the bill, what happened this week shows just what giant corporations can accomplish with willing legislators.

Ernesto Falcon ·

As ATT-Time Warner Close Deal, Floodgates 'Wide Open' for Corporate Mega-Mergers

"America is getting crushed by big, unresponsive, powerful corporate monopolies, the modern version of the trusts of the gilded age."

Jake Johnson ·

Creating 'Massive Media-Telecom Behemoth,' Judge Approves ATT-Time Warner Merger

"The decision to approve the AT&T/Time Warner merger further entrenches AT&T as a media gatekeeper that harms the public interest and opens the door for more media consolidation in the future."

Jake Johnson ·

The Mind-Boggling Corruption of Trump Inc.

"It turns out that when you stop enforcing the law against rich people, a seething plasma of corruption tends to engulf the national political system."

Ryan Cooper ·

Defenders of Open Internet Deliver 'Historic Win' as Senate Votes to Restore Net Neutrality

"The fight ahead is not going to be easy, but victory is within reach."

Jake Johnson ·

CNN’s Iran Fearmongering Would Make More Sense Coming Directly From Pentagon

Barbara Starr has a long, storied career of acting—in effect if not in name—as a Department of Defense spokesperson

Adam Johnson ·

Why You'll See Red Alerts Across The Web This Week

Net neutrality rules have existed since 2015 to ensure that all online content loads at the same speed and has an equal chance of being seen.

Madeline Buxton ·

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