Rahm Emanuel

Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Andre Vasquez, who just won the seat for alderman in Chicago's 40th Ward
"Political observers and organizers should take these victories as a lesson"
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
"Chicago elected a new mayor out of a desire for bold and progressive ideas,...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"If this policy remains in place, it will mean that we will not allow new...


FYI, this is still happening: Chicago police have released video of their latest atrocity, wherein a swarm of panicked cops chased and wildly fired at a stolen vehicle before shooting in the back and killing its fleeing driver Paul O'Neal, who was 18, black and unarmed. Afterwards, the officers appeared to high-five each other. Officials say they likely committed a series of procedural "errors." O'Neal's family and many others say they carried out an execution.