Occupy Wall Street

Nadia Prupis, staff writer
"We are going to make this an issue in congressional races. No one will be able to run from this."
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Student debt striker Jessica King holds fake money that reads: "how far to free?" (Photo: Ange Tran/Courtesy of Debt Collective)
"A loan is not aid," declared student debt striker Michael Adorno-Miranda
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
London Police show images of Occupy London alongside pictures of the Irish Republican Army and the 2005 London bombing. (Photo: crusader//ky/cc/flickr)
Conflating of liberal groups with terrorism shows that they threaten 'the...


Occupy activist Cecily McMillan has been released from Rikers Island after serving 58 days of her three-month sentence. Describing a dehumanizing world "where words like freedom and rights don’t even exist," she read a statement on behalf of other female inmates calling for better access to health care, drug treatment and education "in the interests of returning the facility to its mission and restoring dignity to its inmates. "I am inspired by the resilient community I have encountered in a...