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Progressive Change Campaign Committee

'Tired of Getting Ripped Off,' Key Swing District Voters Want Candidates Willing to Take on Big Pharma: Poll

"Everybody knows that drug prices in the U.S. are unsustainable and appalling, and that voters are mad as hell about them."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

Middle America: The Democrats’ Dilemma

Can Democrats win with an economic justice platform?

Ruth Conniff ·

To Ensure Every Vote Counts, Elizabeth Warren Says Amend the Constitution and 'Get Rid of the Electoral College'

The Massachusetts senator's call for bold voting rights reform is part of her broader policy agenda to transform the federal government to work for ordinary people, not just the wealthy

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

Fulfilling Vow to Run 2020 Campaign Differently, Sanders Campaign Claims 70% of Top Leadership Now Women

"I think it's the most diverse presidential campaign team ever assembled," said one supporter

Jon Queally, staff writer ·

Resisting Trump Is Not Enough: 20,000 Activists Ask Democratic Candidates Where They Stand on Bold Agenda

The message behind a new pledge is this: "Yes, fight Trump – but Americans also want to hear big solutions to the large economic problem our country faces."

Roger Hickey ·

To Galvanize Local Push for Medicare for All in 2019, Nurses' Union Organizing Nationwide 'Barnstorms'

With progressive advocates pressuring lawmakers on Capitol Hill to push for legislation, organizers hope local activism will bolster support in communities across the country

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

As Centrist Democrat Who Lost Reelection Attacks Medicare for All, Progressives Respond With the Facts

"Given that Sen. Donnelly lost saying stuff like this, perhaps the lesson is the opposite—Indianans don't want a Democrat who, like Republicans, opposes good policy."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

To See Who Stands With People Over Lobbyists, Progressive Campaign Pressures Democrats to Quickly Hold Vote on Medicare for All

"Lobbyists are spending millions trying to override the will of the people and kill Medicare for All before the fight even starts. That's why it's imperative that Congress sees that Americans haven't forgotten about Medicare for All."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

'Here We Come!': March on Pelosi's Office by Progressive Coalition Aims to Flex Grassroots Muscle

The coalition of 13 advocacy groups will demand that Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other bold progressives be appointed to the key committees that shape and fund legislation

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

With Power to Kneecap Bold Demand, Incoming Democratic Tax Committee Chair Says Medicare for All 'Not Realistic'

"Two decades of generous donations apparently gets you a powerful congressman willing to throw up roadblocks in front of universal healthcare."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·