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The Class War—Waged and Being Won by the Rich—Is Destroying US Democracy

The US has become a country of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich and we remain in the throes of a struggle to overcome decades of political corruption and social neglect.

Jeffrey D. Sachs ·

The US Empire's Slow But Determined Execution of Julian Assange

The journalist and Wikileaks founder committed the greatest sin. He exposed the imperial project as a criminal enterprise.

Chris Hedges ·

What's Next: Fascist Takeover or New Era of Progressive Renewal?

The GOP has embraced the oligarchic strong-man police-state and the Democratic Party is returning to its progressive and populist roots—we face a moment of great danger and one of great opportunity.

Thom Hartmann ·

With Maxwell Sacrificed, the Ruling Oligarchs Will Once Again Escape Justice

The Maxwell trial will not hold the powerful men complicit in the rape and abuse of countless girls by the Epstein ring accountable or challenge the oppressive systems which fuel the scourge of male violence.

Chris Hedges ·

Found in Translation: New York Times Says Democrats Shouldn't Challenge Oligarchy

The powerful newspaper's editorial board makes clear it likes to editorialize about social justice, but certainly doesn't want any structural changes or substantial new government policies that could bring it much closer.

Norman Solomon ·

The Cruelest Form of Capitalism in the World

Wealth inequality is worse than it has been in a century—and it has contributed to a vicious political-economic cycle in which taxes are cut on the top, resulting in even more concentration of wealth.

Robert Reich ·

American 'Democracy' Is a Poor Advertisement

Congressional paralysis, voter suppression, and widespread political polarization all suggest that American democracy is far from exemplary.

John Feffer ·

The United States of Tax Havens

Like our billionaires at home, foreign oligarchs and despots are sheltering untold sums from taxation across our country.

William Minter ·

Behold and Beware! The Age of Trillionaires Is Coming

Have we just about decided that the further accumulation of billionaire fortunes makes for good public policy?

Bob Lord ·

Collapse, Fascism, or Progressive Renewal?

The American political landscape has become so toxic that we can't even pass simple legislation that is overwhelmingly supported not only by the majority of the populace but by the President whose party controls both houses of Congress.

Thom Hartmann ·

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