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'So Wrong': GOP Donor Paying to Send South Dakota National Guard to Southern Border

"Now we got oligarchs paying for public militaries for personal and political pet projects," said Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Jessica Corbett ·

It's Time for a New Good Neighbor Policy Toward Latin America

President Biden must resist trying to revive a new Cold War with China and using that to undermine progressive governments in South America and side with the industrial oligarchs.

Jesse Jackson ·

Wealth Hoarding by 'Silver Spoon Oligarchs' Is Endangering US Democracy: Report

"The five wealthiest dynastic families in the U.S. have seen their wealth increase by a median 2,484% from 1983 to 2020."

Kenny Stancil ·

How We Fight Back Against the GOP's New War on Democracy

The core issue is that in order for the imbalance of power to continue to favor the elite,  systemic racism must continue.

James Haslam ·

We Can Defeat the Corporate Media's War to Snuff Out Independent Journalism

Not only have some journalists become more influential than the papers they write for, but others have abandoned the employee-servant model completely.

Jonathan Cook ·

The Real Purpose of Austerity

Even if everyone agreed that printing another trillion dollars to finance a basic income for the poor would boost neither inflation nor interest rates, the rich and powerful would still oppose it. After all, their most important interest is not to conserve economic potential, but to preserve the power of the few to compel the many.

Yanis Varoufakis ·

Just How Bold Is President Biden's Tax-the-Rich Plan?

A little history can help us with the answer.

Sam Pizzigati ·

Time to Choose: Democracy or Authoritariansim

Senate Democrats have the power to end the filibuster and thereby allow the For the People Act to become law. It’s time for Democrats to unite on this, without hesitation.

Robert Reich ·

When It Comes To Free-Market Capitalism, Fans Draw the Line at Football

Last week, Europeans showed the red card to the moguls—and their financiers—who tried to form a Super League of the continent's top 15 football clubs. Now that Europeans discovered their moral Rubicon, the time may have come for a broader rethink of who owns what.

Yanis Varoufakis ·

Putting Liberal Democracy First Has Never Been More Important

It is hard to see how our current injustices can be repaired without working through and then "democratizing" these liberal democratic institutions.

Jeffrey C. Isaac ·

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