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It Is Imperative We Fix the Gaping Holes in Medicare

Since its inception in 1965, Medicare has not covered such basic health-care needs as hearing, dental care, and vision.

Bernie Sanders ·

'An Important Step': Biden's HHS Reverses Trump Attack on Healthcare Protections for Transgender People

A quarter of transgender Americans have avoided seeking medical care for fear of facing discriminatory treatment. 

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

Mother's Day Is a Good Time to Acknowledge That Care Work Powers Our Economy

Care isn't a burden for women and families to shoulder alone. It's the foundation of our economy, and it deserves to be treated as such.

Heidi Shierholz ·

Crucial Next Steps for a Successful People's Vaccine

The world desperately needs the TRIPS waiver and stronger measures to ensure the transfer of knowledge and technology to produce Covid-19 vaccines.

Jayati Ghosh ·

Biden's Plan to Waive Vaccine Patents Is Good News, but Not Enough to Beat the Pandemic Within a Privatized Pharmaceutical System

The best thing that may come out of the patent waiver debate could be a fresh look at how pharmaceutical research and development is funded, and how its benefits should be distributed.

Michael Hiltzik ·

Big Pharma Greed Will Prolong Pandemic—If We Don't Fight Back

The Covid-19 vaccines have been developed by scientists from all over the world, thanks to basic science supported by numerous governments. We must not let drug companies put profits ahead of lives.

Joseph Stiglitz ·

Biden Deserves Praise for Going Big and Bold on the Economy. Let's Push Him to Go Bigger and Bolder

Our job is to make sure he understands where he falls short—so we can make maximum use of what may well be a once-in-a generation chance to build a truly equitable society.

Karen Dolan ·

Let's Finally End the Insanity of Colossal Military Spending During a Global Health Emergency

Imagine what could be achieved if just a portion of the money spent on military expenditures were pooled into a global fund, and redirected towards ending hunger and massively investing in public health systems.

Sonja Scherndl ·

Around the World, Immigrants Are Coming to the Rescue

For countries facing a demographic crisis, immigrants are the answer.

John Feffer ·