Dakota Access Pipeline

Julia Conley, staff writer
" This is what the tribe has been fighting for many months. Their fearless organizing continues to change the game."
Democracy Now!
Nick Estes
"Instead of doing to settler society what they did to us—genociding, removing,...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Dakota Access pipeline protesters
"I wish the government would use the same resources to go after the oil...


In what has been likened to a classical "hero's journey," Chris Turley - a decorated wounded veteran of Afghanistan and member of the Osage Nation - arrived at Sacred Stone camp after a prayerful, two-week, 800-mile trek on foot from Oklahoma. One of the first of over 2,000 vets coming this weekend and a self-described "warrior of this country" raising funds for both vets' programs and Standing Rock, comrades say Turley exemplifies "the highly contagious emotion we call courage."