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Bernie Sanders

Sanders Praises Amazon Union for Inspiring a 'National, Sweeping Movement'

"People are sick and tired of corporate greed," said the Vermont senator.

Jake Johnson ·

Sanders' Hearing on Corporate Greed Goes Unnoticed by Corporate Media

"Massive coverage of the war in Ukraine does not offend advertisers, while the corporate war on consumers directly involves corporate advertisers."

Ralph Nader ·

'Truly a Joyful Day': Progressives Hail Jackson's Historic Supreme Court Confirmation

"At a time when the Supreme Court is preparing to make decisions on reproductive health, climate change, voting rights, and workers' rights, Justice Jackson's perspective has never been more necessary."

Brett Wilkins ·

In Jab at Manchin, Sanders Demands 'Strategic Pause' in Corporate Welfare

"Count me in as somebody who does not think that the taxpayers of this country need to provide Mr. Bezos a $10 billion bailout to fuel his space hobby," said the Vermont senator.

Jake Johnson ·

'Say It With Pride': Pushback After Psaki Walks Back Biden Amazon Union Remarks

Sen. Bernie Sanders and others applauded the president's statement of support for Amazon workers, but the White House quickly worked to temper Biden's comments.

Julia Conley ·

'Next Step: Cancel It,' Biden Urged After Extending Student Loan Repayment Pause

"Now is the time to finish the job and cancel student debt," implored the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Brett Wilkins ·

Bush, Crow, Sanders Bill Would Use Defense Production Act to Boost Clean Energy

"The days of energy security being synonymous with a reliance on human rights violators like Russia and Saudi Arabia, or a propagation of corporate profits for Exxon, Chevron, and BP, are over," said Rep. Cori Bush.

Jake Johnson ·

120+ Groups Urge Pelosi and Schumer to Embrace Windfall Tax on Big Oil

"The oil and gas industry will reach near all-time records for stock buybacks in 2022," the advocates wrote in a letter to the congressional leaders. "It is time for the profiteering to stop."

Brett Wilkins ·

New Analysis Details 'Master Class in War Profiteering' by US Oil Giants

"Oil and gas companies are feeding off humanitarian disaster and consumer suffering in order to reward Wall Street," said Lukas Ross at Friends of the Earth.

Jessica Corbett ·

Sanders Hails Growing Union Movement as Threat to 'Oligarchy and Corporate Greed'

"If you think that the union victories at Amazon and Starbucks are an aberration, you would be sorely mistaken," said the Vermont senator.

Jake Johnson ·

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