Julia Conley, staff writer
Education Secretary promotes school vouchers in her keynote address to state legislators
Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Pruitt is now the fifth member of Trump's cabinet to be caught having lied...
Robert Faturechi, Pro Publica
The Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Republicans have a two-thirds majority in the Pennsylvania Senate and can override vetoes by the state's Democratic governor. (Photo: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)
Meeting in private, enthused activists promise that the growing Republican...


Good news, a bit. When the fossil-fuel-and-Koch-Brother-funded ALEC meets in Chicago this week, they'll have some explainin' to do to their corporate lackeys: Despite declaring their #1 priority the repeal or rollback of states' clean energy standards via the usual slimy disinformation campaign - like the model legislation ingenuously dubbed the "Electricity Freedom Act" - they failed in every state they hit. Alas, they're still at it. More on what they tried to do, how it failed, and what...