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Secretive Right-Wing Nonprofit Plays Role in COVID-19 Organizing

CNP's founders include multiple members of the conspiracist John Birch Society and Paul Weyrich, co-founder of the Heritage Foundation and ALEC.

Alex Kotch ·

ALEC Leading Right-Wing Campaign to Reopen the Economy Despite COVID-19

ALEC is attempting to use the national crisis to leverage movement on its pro-corporate policy agenda. 

David Armiak ·

Report Exposes Right-Wing Effort to Ban Criticism of Israel in US Schools

"Fanatical Zionists are pushing U.S. state legislatures to pass sweeping new restrictions on free speech."

Jessica Corbett ·

ALEC Fails to Denounce Dangerous and Racist Views of Its Leaders and Members

ALEC has remained conspicuously silent about the dangerous and racist statements and ties of its legislative leaders and members Shea, King, Nearman, Stringer, and Keller.

Scott Zimmerman ·

ALEC Doubles Down on Trump, Corporate Agenda at Annual Meeting in Texas

The corporate lobby group and right-wing 'model legislation' factory is back

David Armiak ·

#CaravanToCanada: Facing Insulin Prices 10X Higher in US, Group Heads Across Border

"We should not have to drive five hours to Canada to be able to afford #insulin!"

Andrea Germanos ·

Florida: The Graveyard of American Public Education

Remember that Betsy DeVos points to Florida as a model.

Diane Ravitch ·

Sanders Vows to Ban 'Disastrous' Anti-Labor 'Right-to-Work' Laws

"Treat your workers with the dignity and the respect they deserve," Sanders said of powerful corporations

Julia Conley ·

Scott Walker to Head ‘Slow Moving Coup’ to Repeal-and-Replace U.S. Constitution

Hiding behind the goal of a “balanced budget,” is a movement about using constitutional change to destroy the power of the federal government

Jud Lounsbury ·

Bernie Sanders Wants to Expand Social Security

Social Security is critical for massive numbers of Americans, yet many Republicans and Democrats have wanted to destroy it. Today, Bernie Sanders introduced new legislation to strengthen the program by taxing the rich

Heather Gautney ·

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