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ACLU Alarm as Amazon Activates Sidewalk Surveillance System

This is a nightmare for civil rights and civil liberties.

Emiliano Falcon-Morano ·

How the Media Fell for the Lafayette Square Whitewash

A coverup was baked in the cake; a former inspector general official shows us how.

Mike Lofgren ·

Of Assault Rifles and Swiss Army Knives

Since 1931 there have been four mass killings in Switzerland resulting in the deaths of 35 people. In none of those massacres was the Swiss Army Knife used.

Christopher Brauchli ·

Until the People Collar the Congress, It's the Iron Collar of the Corporate State

It's your Congress, People! Reclaim it from the corporatists. It's in your hands. Lives, healthcare, livelihoods, your descendants and the planet will be so much better off if you spend a fraction of the time you spend on your hobbies holding your two Senators and Representatives accountable to the people first.

Ralph Nader ·

Public Schools Are Not Indoctrinating Kids About Racism. Voucher Schools Are

If we ban anything, it shouldn’t be Critical Race Theory—it should be school vouchers.

Steven Singer ·

Biden in Europe: To Contain China, Restructuring the Global Disorder

A new and global Cold War with China is among the last things that humanity needs.

Joseph Gerson ·

Racial Bias Makes White Americans More Likely to Support Wars in Nonwhite Foreign Countries

Social scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that white people who hold such views are also likely to hold negative views of other nonwhite U.S. populations, including Latinos, immigrants, Muslim Americans and Asian Americans.

Vladimir Enrique Medenica ·

Politically Correct Racism

A major component of the latest manifestation of racism is that white people are its victims.

Robert C. Koehler ·

Tough Truths Are Desperately Needed About America's Lost Wars

America is stabbing itself in the back.

William Astore ·

If Arch-Conservative Ebrahim Raisi Wins Iran's Presidential Election, He Has Trump to Thank

Trump's legacy will be not that he overthrew the clerical government or made it beg him for a new treaty, but that he put the previously unpopular hard liners in the catbird seat.

Juan Cole ·

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