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Groundwork’s Lindsay Owens: Biden Should Use 14th to Avert Default

In response to recent reports that members of President Biden’s Administration are considering accepting additional demands made by Speaker McCarthy in debt ceiling negotiations, Lindsay Owens, executive director of Groundwork Collaborative, released the following statement:

“It’s time for President Biden to step away from this slow-moving train wreck and use the authority he has under the 14th amendment to avert default.

"McCarthy’s demands will only grow as the default deadline approaches. Swallowing additional spending cuts is tactically foolish and will only exacerbate the extraordinary harms McCarthy’s policies will inflict on families and our economy.”

The Groundwork Collaborative is dedicated to advancing a coherent and persuasive progressive economic worldview and narrative capable of delivering meaningful opportunity and prosperity for everyone. Our work is driven by a core guiding principle: We are the economy. Groundwork Collaborative envisions an economic system that produces strong, broadly shared prosperity and power for all people, not just a wealthy few.