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Democrats Should Reject Any Deal That Cuts Spending Levels Beyond the Fiscal Responsibility Act

Following concerning reports that House and Senate leaders are close to a budget agreement that would cut non-defense spending beyond what was already agreed upon in the Fiscal Responsibility Act, Groundwork Collaborative Executive Director Lindsay Owens, a member of the ProsperUS coalition, released the following statement:

“Congressional Republicans aren’t hiding the ball. They want to eviscerate funding for programs working families rely on and they are willing to shut down the government to do it.
“There is absolutely no reason for Democrats to participate in their efforts to starve programs that provide food, housing, and child care for families. Democrats should walk away from any deal that makes further cuts to the spending levels agreed upon in the bipartisan compromise.”

ProsperUS is a coalition of movement groups, labor organizations, think tanks, experts, and advocates that believes government should invest in people.

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