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Melissa Garriga:

CODEPINK Condemns Terrorist Attack on Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Last night, the Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C. was attacked with two molotov cocktails thrown at the building. This is the second time in the past three years that there have been violent attacks against the Cuban Embassy. CODEPINK calls on the U.S. government to immediately investigate this attack as an act of terrorism. We also call on the U.S. government to take Cuba off its state sponsors of terror list. We must put an end to the aggression towards Cuba and work towards normalizing relations with our island neighbor.

“Could it be more ironic? A country being accused of terrorism by the U.S. once again suffers a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. It’s time to stop the senseless aggression against this small island nation of 11 million and normalize relations,” said CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin.

The United States continues to falsely label Cuba a state sponsor of terror, despite the fact that Cuba does not engage in any terrorist activity. This act of violence against the embassy comes on the heels of a series of impactful meetings by Cuban President Diaz Canel at the United Nations, as well as successful meetings with Cuban Americans, businesspeople, and U.S. artists and activists.

Tonight, CODEPINK, along with other allies, will be out in front of the Cuban Embassy to show love and solidarity to the people of Cuba in the face of this act of hate and aggression, and to demand justice for this attack and to call for an end to the blockade on Cuba.

“The attacks against the Embassy of Cuba last night are the product of intolerance and hatred rooted in false accusations of terrorism suffered by the Cuban people. It’s time to get Cuba off the list and promote peace and understanding among our peoples.” said Michelle Ellner, CODEPINK’s Latin America Team organizer.

The event will take place at 5:00pm at the Cuban Embassy, located at 2630 16th Street NW, Washington D.C. We urge all those who stand for peace and justice to join us in solidarity with the Cuban people.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Medea Benjanmin at

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