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Stevie O’Hanlon, Sunrise Movement,
Megan Barnhart, Fridays For Future USA,
Eva Kappas, Campus Climate Network / Reclaim Earth Day,

Ahead of Earth Day, Youth Climate Groups Plan Hundreds of Demonstrations to Demand President Biden Declare A Climate Emergency, End The Era Of Fossil Fuels

Thousands of Youth Activists Expected in New York, Washington, Nationwide


Thousands of youth activists, led by groups including the Sunrise Movement, Fridays For Future USA, and the Campus Climate Network, will hold protests in hundreds of cities nationwide around Earth Day to demand President Biden and other decision-makers take action to end fossil fuels and respond to the climate emergency.

The groups are demanding President Biden declare a climate emergency and use his executive powers to create green union jobs, phase out fossil fuels, and prepare for climate disasters. This can and must include: reinstating the 2015 crude oil export ban, stopping approvals of new fossil fuel projects, and building resilient and distributed renewable energy systems in climate-vulnerable communities.

Thousands of young people will participate in the actions, which include:

● Friday, April 19: Fridays For Future USA leads a Day of Climate Action, in solidarity with actions being organized in hundreds of cities around the world, to demand action from President Biden to end the era of fossil fuels. In New York City alone, thousands of students will walk out of their classes and march from Foley Square in Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn Borough Hall.

● Monday, April 22nd: The Sunrise Movement is leading dozens of Earth Day Teach-Ins at congressional offices and other locations to urge Members of Congress to publicly call on President Biden to declare a national climate emergency.

● Monday, April 22: Student organizers with the Campus Climate Network will lead Reclaim Earth Day actions on more than 100 college campuses, demanding that universities become true environmental justice leaders and cut ties with the fossil fuel industry.


President Biden promised to be a climate president. Ahead of the 2024 election, young people are mobilizing to hold him accountable to that promise. Despite critically pausing the authorizations for some new LNG export infrastructure in the Gulf, under the Biden administration, U.S. oil and gas production has surged to record highs.

Hundreds of thousands of young people took action to demand the administration reject fossil fuel projects like the Willow drilling project in Alaska, and tens of thousands joined the March to End Fossil Fuels last September calling on Biden to phase out fossil fuels and declare a climate emergency. In February, over 21 young people were arrested at Biden’s campaign offices calling for a climate emergency.

As the election approaches, young people are mobilizing to demand President Biden take bold action to protect young peoples’ futures. That begins with declaring a climate emergency that meaningfully addresses fossil fuels, creates millions of good-paying union jobs, and helps us prepare for incessant climate disasters.

Sunrise Movement is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.