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Over 600 Join PRH in Asking Media: Stop Quoting Antis


Today, Physicians for Reproductive Health released a public letter signed by over 600 individuals and organizations making a clear ask to the media: stop featuring dangerous anti-abortion extremists in interviews and segments about abortion care. The letter was signed by people who have had abortions, people who provide abortions, state and national reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations, faith leaders, and abortion advocates.

One of the signers who is a Fellow with Physicians for Reproductive Health, Dr. Christina Bourne, reflects on the letter:

"It is time for the media to act in allyship with abortion advocates by centering the experts in abortion care: people who have and provide abortions. As an abortion provider in Wichita, Kansas, the clinic where I work, my coworkers, and the patients who come to get care at our clinic are all constantly under real threat of anti-abortion groups harassing us day in and day out. To see the media validate these violent protestors' claims is not only disheartening, it's dangerous."

Physicians for Reproductive Health Board Member Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi adds:

"When journalists and reporters present anti-abortion ideology and misinformation as a counter-point to evidence-based medicine, they are directly serving as a mouth-piece for extremist groups with direct ties to white supremacist organizing. Abortion care is life-saving healthcare, not a difference of opinion. Everyone needs abortion care and that includes people who identify as 'pro-life.' Abortion care is deeply rooted in community and abortion providers honor the autonomy of the people they care for. Reporting on abortion should celebrate that fact, not directly threaten people who have and provide abortions. I have personally been declining any media that is also featuring anti-abortion extremists. My job is to provide skilled, compassionate health care and evidence-based advocacy, not to debate my humanity with hate groups."

Physicians for Reproductive Health and the over 600 signers agree that there is no validity to claims that reporting must cover "both sides" of abortion. There is no other side to science and evidence.

Physicians for Reproductive Health unites the medical community and concerned supporters. Together, we work to improve access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion, especially to meet the health care needs of economically disadvantaged patients.