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Jan. 6 Commission Latest Casualty of GOP's Anti-Democratic Campaign


Today, Repair Our Democracy spokesperson Preston Maddock issued the following statement on Senate Republicans filibustering the bipartisan January 6 commission:

"Republicans' rejection of the January 6 commission is the latest episode in a series of anti-democratic moves that have been accelerated by their embrace of the Big Lie. They flirted with overturning the judgment rendered by tens of millions of Americans in the presidential election, purged their ranks of dissenting voices, and now have become apologists for a mob of criminals that desecrated one of the world's most powerful symbols of democratic governance.

"There should be no illusions about the Senate GOP's political calculus and their willingness to employ the filibuster to help them win the 2022 midterm elections. Obstructing the January 6 commission is part and parcel of the GOP's long game of politically rigging America's electoral system even further to their advantage. There is no question that the same Party that wants to whitewash an attempted coup at the Capitol will filibuster the For the People Act -- pro-democracy legislation that would override the GOP's self-serving and anti-democratic state voter suppression laws."

Repair Our Democracy, a project of Democracy 21, is focused on defending the For the People Act against bad-faith attacks and outright lies.