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Statement to CEOs: If You Really Want to Stop Voter Suppression, Support the For the People Act


Today, after hundreds of business executives and companies signed on to a new statement declaring their opposition to "any discriminatory legislation" that restricts voting rights, Repair Our Democracy spokesperson Ryan Thomas issued the following statement:

"While it's great that these executives and their companies oppose the Jim Crow-style laws that GOP lawmakers are pushing across the country, this kind of talk is cheap without action.

"If these corporations truly want to protect our voting rights, they should immediately declare their support for the For the People Act, which passed the House and is pending in the Senate and which would roll back many of the voter suppression laws being pursued that would undermine democracy."

Earlier this month, Repair Our Democracy released a fact-check showing that the voter restrictions now passed by Republican lawmakers in Georgia and being pursued in many other states would greatly reduce access to the ballot.

Repair Our Democracy, a project of Democracy 21, is focused on defending the For the People Act against bad-faith attacks and outright lies.