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People's Action Endorses the Demands of Movement for Black Lives


People's Action today issued the following statement from Deputy Director Bree Carlson after the organization's directors voted to endorse the demands of the Movement for Black Lives.

"People's Action members believe that Black lives matter, and we are tired of police and public officials treating them like they are disposable. This vote by our directors puts us fully behind the Movement for Black Lives' demands, including the demand to defund the police and invest in Black communities.

"Our members want safety for Black people, for all people. Police do not keep us safe, and incremental reforms cannot change a pervasive culture of police violence against Black people. Safety comes from investing in homes, schools, jobs, and health care, not bloated police budgets for militarized cops.

"People's Action members include people of every race, every gender, and every generation from urban, suburban, and rural communities. We plan to mobilize in defense of Black lives and stay mobilized until these demands are met."

The Movement for Black Lives demands that:

  • The rights of protestors be respected;
  • A divestment from the police and investment in Black communities: We demand local schools, colleges, universities, and all public institutions cut ties with the police;
  • Immediate relief for our communities;
  • Community control;
  • An end to the war against Black people; and
  • Making meaning out of this moment of crisis.

People's Action builds the power of poor and working people, in rural, suburban, and urban areas to win change through issue campaigns and elections.