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Trump Steamrolls WOTUS to the Benefit of Agrochemical and Fossil Fuel Industries

Statement by Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Watch


"In a brazen move to gut federal pollution safeguards for our waterways and drinking water resources, the Trump administration is releasing a new rule that would replace the Waters of the United States rule. It reportedly will allow industrial agriculture operations to release unregulated amounts of pollutants and allow landowners to destroy wetlands that protect our vital drinking water resources. It will also smooth the way for more pipelines and other infrastructure to run through these previously protected areas. The only justification for this is unfettered profit for industrial interests that flies in the face of public and environmental health. It's a gift to the agrochemical and fossil fuel industries, among others, including real estate developers.

"You need to protect wetlands if you want to have clean water. This isn't a regulatory rollback--it's a steamroller to the environmental oversight we need to protect our waterways. Piece by piece, molecule by molecule, Trump is handing over our country to corporate polluters and other industrial interests at the expense of our future."

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