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Is EPA's Climate Change Website Gone for Good?

Under coal lobbyist, agency ‘disappears’ global warming info


The section of the Environmental Protection Agency's website that linked human activity, fossil fuels and carbon dioxide to climate change seems to have disappeared for good.

This week the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, or EDGI, which monitors any changes to federal agency websites, discovered that the main climate change section of the EPA's site is gone.

In April 2017, the agency took down the website, claiming it was temporary, in order to update the content to reflect the Trump administration's views on climate change.

Now, EDGI reports, the "update" notice has been replaced with no mention of climate change. Instead, site visitors get this message: "We want to help you find what you are looking for."

"Apparently they don't want to help very much," said EWG President Ken Cook.

"But it's not hard to figure out why," said Cook. "Andrew Wheeler, acting chief of the agency, was a longtime lobbyist for the fossil fuel industry before he joined President Trump's anti-science, anti-public-health administration. Why would he want an EPA website packed with irrefutable data detailing how that industry is a leading driver behind dirty air, increases in childhood asthma and premature death, wildfires and hurricanes from hell, rising sea levels, drought and famine?"

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