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Women's March: Kavanaugh Hearings an All-Out War on Women


Today, we learned of a third woman who both witnessed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh engage in sexual violence against women, and who puts him at the same party where she was gang raped and that it is consistent with his behavior.

Women's March COO, Rachel O'Leary Carmona, released the following statement in response:

"To say women across America are angry right now is an understatement.

"Julie Swetnick's account shows a clear pattern of violent and humiliating acts against women from Brett Kavanaugh. We believe Julie, as we believe Dr. Christine Ford and Deborah Ramirez, and the far too many people across this nation who have experienced this type of violation.

"Republican leaders have stopped even pretending they care about survivors. This confirmation process remains an all-out war on women.

"These new accounts of Kavanaugh's history with women top off a nomination mired in controversy. Kavanaugh has repeatedly perjured himself and is accused of assaulting multiple women. There is no possible justification for his confirmation.

"Chairman Grassley and Republicans may be determined to put an abuser on the court, but women, survivors, and allies won't let them. They're cementing their legacy as rape apologists. We're cementing our legacy as women who won't back down."

Women's March is in the midst of a third week of action to #CancelKavanaugh, alongside Center for Popular Democracy Action. This week, they are working to highlight survivors' voices leading into Thursday's hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford with events including national survivor speak outs, women's voter registration drives, peaceful protests, and letter deliveries at Senate district offices.

Since the beginning of September, thousands have travelled to D.C. and over 300 women and allies have been arrested for engaging in their constitutional right to peacefully protest Kavanaugh's confirmation. Most were arrested for disrupting the hearings themselves and more for occupying the offices of Senators who refuse to hear the voices of women, allies, and survivors during this process.