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Enbridge Blunder Proves Line 5 Solutions a Sham: Time to Shut It Down

Statement by Jessica Fujan, Midwest Director, Food & Water Watch

Lansing, MI - Tuesday, Enbridge disclosed that dents in the dual pipelines were caused by the same vessel that hit two electric cables and spilled 600 gallons of hazardous oils into the Straits last week. In response, Food & Water Watch Midwest Director Jessica Fujan issued the following statement:

“The grossly inadequate response to this latest Line 5 calamity should leave lawmakers and concerned citizens confident that neither Enbridge or the State of Michigan can ensure safe utilization of this aging pipeline. To prevent greater catastrophe, Line 5 must be decommissioned immediately.

We urge the Governor and Attorney General Bill Schuette to respond to the public movement against Line 5, protect the safety and health of surrounding communities and the environment, and shut down the deteriorating pipeline once and for all.”

Following Enbridge’s botched handling of the crisis, Republican Senator Wayne Schmidt of Traverse City issued a statement decrying the severity of their error. “I have zero confidence situations like this have been and will be handled in a timely, effective manner… As a result, I am calling for a complete shutdown of Line 5...There is simply too much conflict and too great a risk to our state’s natural resources.”

Meanwhile, Governor Rick Snyder indicated intentions to proceed with an alternatives study on the oil line to continue into June. During this time, the pipeline poses eminent risk to the vulnerable Great Lakes which provide drinking water for millions of people across the Midwest. 

Food & Water Watch has joined with the Oil & Water Don’t Mix Campaign, 70 municipalities and 10 indigenous nations to pass resolutions calling for the shut down of Line 5.


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