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BREAKING: Six Constituents Sit in Senator Capito’s Charleston, W.Va. Office

Refuse to leave unless Senator Capito agrees to vote no on AHCA

WASHINGTON - Six constituents have staged a sit-in in Senator Capito’s office regarding the pending Senate healthcare bill. They say that they will not leave until Senator Capito agrees to vote against the bill, which was introduced last week and is likely to be voted on this week. Senator Capito has thus far failed to take a stand on the bill.

“In West Virginia, we value generosity and helping out our neighbors. That spirit was shown so clearly last year when people came together after the summer floods. Senator Capito would not be representing our West Virginia values if she votes for a bill that would throw families off of Medicaid and eliminate over 10,000 jobs in the healthcare sector, just to enrich a wealthy few,” said Bill Price, a constituent taking part in the sit-in.

Participants are sharing their own healthcare stories as well as information and stories collected from other West Virginians who are struggling with accessing affordable healthcare.

“I work two jobs, 40+ hours a week and still have no health insurance. I think healthcare is a human right, and we should all be covered just like every other wealthy country in the world. This bill would take us in the exact wrong direction,” said Paul Dalzell, another of the sit-in participants, citing the fact that the Senate healthcare bill would result in at least 170,000 West Virginians losing their health insurance.

Senator Capito has not responded to constituent requests for town hall meetings, and she refused to attend the multiple healthcare town halls held across the state in March.

Participants are sitting in Senator Capito’s office with a banner reading, “Senator Capito, whose side are you on? Vote No on AHCA, Yes to Healthcare for All.”

Here are the details of today’s event:

What: Healthcare sit-in in Senator Capito’s office

Where: 500 Virginia St. E, Suite 950 (United Bank building), Charleston, WV

When: Ongoing


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