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In Light of Stalled Risk Analysis Study, Food & Water Watch Condemns Interim Use of Line 5

 Statement of Mariah Urueta, Michigan Organizer, Food & Water Watch


""Months ago, Food & Water Watch along with Oil & Water Don't Mix (OWMD) raised questions to state officials, flagging the deeply entrenched conflict of interests at play in the Line 5 risk analysis. Attorney General Bill Schuette terminating DNV GL just one week before the risk analysis is due can mean only one thing: the state intends to utilize Line 5, despite the known and unknown risks, for at least one more year until a proper risk analysis study can be completed.

Food & Water Watch condemns any intention to utilize Line 5, even a single day, acknowledging the risks and failures of the pipeline to date. A risk analysis report is not needed to prove Line 5 poses outlandish risks to the people of Michigan. The aging 64-year-old pipelines (65 years old in July), built only to last 50 years, extend through the middle of the Straits of Mackinac and threaten drinking water for millions of people. Transporting oil and gas through this aging infrastructure is an extreme and unacceptable risk that should be addressed immediately by state officials.

The people of Michigan should not have to shoulder the burden of Schuette's inability to regulate the risk analysis study now, or for another long year. Food & Water Watch stands with OWMD in calling for full disclosure of the draft study in question and demands that Attorney General Bill Schuette decommissions Line 5 now."

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