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Exxon Denied Waiver From Russia Sanctions: Greenpeace Response

WASHINGTON - In response to the Treasury Department’s denial of Exxon’s filing for a waiver to work in Russia despite United States sanctions, Greenpeace USA Spokesperson Cassady Craighill said,

“The presumption by Exxon that it could get a pass and undermine United States foreign policy was ridiculous from the start, but not surprising given their old boss is now our chief diplomat. If the Trump administration had allowed Exxon to drill for oil in Russia, people from around the country and from both sides of the aisle in Congress would have unleashed widespread resistance. We will remain vigilant to make sure this egregious subversion of diplomacy for profit won’t happen through any other channels.

Exxon and other oil companies who assume they are above the law should take note that the age of oil is coming to an end and their private empires can’t slip past public scrutiny.”


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