CREDO,, Peace Action, and Win Without War Pledge to Resist Any Trump Administration Effort to Propel the United States into a War of Choice

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CREDO,, Peace Action, and Win Without War Pledge to Resist Any Trump Administration Effort to Propel the United States into a War of Choice

Over the last weeks, major news outlets have reported increased civilian casualties resulting from U.S.-led bombings in Syria and Iraq.  Earlier this month, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that at least 42 people were killed in an airstrike on a mosque in the village of Al Jinah.  Later that week, the U.S. reportedly bombed a school in Raqqa that was being used as a refugee center, killing 33 civilians.  Over the weekend, reports indicate that the U.S. military confirmed its involvement in the March 17th bombing in Mosul which has claimed the lives of nearly 200 civilians.
In reaction to the escalating civilian death toll, the Trump administration’s request for more handouts to war profiteers by requesting an additional  $54 billion for an already bloated and wasteful  Pentagon budget, a noted uptick in the deployment of troops to Syria and Iraq, reports of plans to dramatically increase American military activities in Yemen, and the continued bellicose remarks by Trump and his cadre of war mongers, representatives from CREDO,, Peace Action, and Win Without War issued the following statement:
“Our millions of constituents championed diplomacy with Iran and were the backbone of the resistance to the Iraq war.
“Recent events make it clear that Trump and his cadre of reckless war mongers  are maneuvering to propel our nation into multiple wars of choice. In response, our organizations are prepared to flood the streets in cities and towns across the country to build grassroots opposition to stop Trump’s reckless war making.
“Americans did not vote for a dramatic escalation of war in a region that desperately needs peace, and we intend to make sure Congress and Donald Trump hear our voices loud and clear.”


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