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Sierra Club: McMorris Rodgers Wrong Choice for America's Public Lands, Wildlife


President-elect Donald Trump is expected today to announce his plans to appoint Chair of the House Republican Conference, Cathy McMorris Rodgers as Secretary of the Interior. McMorris Rodgers currently represents the state of Washington.

In response, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune issued the following statement.

"The Department of the Interior exists to protect and manage the nation's natural resources and cultural heritage. Yet President-elect Trump seems to have missed the 'protect' part of that statement when nominating Rep. McMorris Rodgers to head the agency.

"Selling off our public lands to the highest bidder and opening them to drilling, mining and logging is not in the best interest of our country, but that is exactly what Rep. McMorris Rodgers has voted to do over and over again. From expanding offshore drilling to undermining attempts to protect our wild places, it's clear that McMorris Rodgers would jeopardize the future of our public lands if appointed as Secretary of the Interior.

"America's public lands are vital to our shared history, our national identity, our economy, and perhaps most importantly our future. We urge Senators, who are elected to represent and protect the American people, to stand up for everyone who enjoys the outdoors and oppose this nomination."

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