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There Are No Safe Options for "Rerouting" the Dakota Access Pipeline


On Tuesday, President Obama addressed the Dakota Access pipeline, saying his Administration is considering ways to reroute it. He also stated that they would let the process "play out for several more weeks" to determine whether the pipeline could be constructed in a way that is "properly attentive to the traditions of the First Americans."

In response to President Obama's comments, Greenpeace spokesperson Lilian Molina said:

"There are no safe options for rerouting the Dakota Access pipeline, because pipelines aren't safe. It is encouraging to see President Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers acknowledge that the Dakota Access pipeline would be devastating to Native communities and lands, but it is simply unacceptable to 'let this play out for several more weeks' while Indigenous lives are under attack. The Administration seems to be buying time to maintain the status quo and profits for fossil fuel investors. There is only one option that is truly attentive to the Native lives and lands at stake: respect the rights and sovereignty of Indigenous communities by revoking the permits immediately."

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