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Live Share Grow: A Movement for the 100%


An unlikely trio has just launched a bold new initiative to create greater equality and economic justice. Their story reads like the beginning of a joke (a former multi- millionaire, a man who was once an heir to a meat-packing fortune, and a nonviolent activist walk into a bar), but what they've created is a serious, viable, heart-motivated movement for change called Live Share Grow: A Movement for the 100%.

In a time when the wealthiest one percent of the people has more money than they can spend - and everyone else is fighting over crumbs - this bold new movement invites people to work together to replace an economic system that causes harm, destruction, and suffering; with a culture that supports, affirms, cares for, and uplifts everyone. "Everyday, billions of dollars change hands. Goods are bought and sold. Commerce is part of being human . . . but right now commerce is full of injustice, theft, cheating, and causing harm. We need to change that," says organizer Rivera Sun.

Live Share Grow uses nonviolent action to actively oppose problems . . . and propose solutions. Remembering Dr. King's principle of nonviolence: to be against the injustice, but not against the person, the movement call upon people to take action together to interrupt business-as- usual and invite everyone to change their practices to respectful, sustainable, equitable, and life-affirming alternatives.

The movement asks supporters to engage in five types of constructive actions: supporting local food, giving and sharing, moving your money, participating in change (community, movement, civic engagement), and working on renewable energy and sustainability.

Live Share Grow even audaciously invites the 1% to be a part of the culture shift toward a just, equitable, and sustainable economy. They call upon the 1% to bring themselves and their wealth into this process of change, to divest from businesses and practices that create injustice, and reinvest in projects, programs, and practices that rebuild community wealth.

The movement has four phases planned for the next year: building momentum, issuing the Bold Invitation to Live Share Grow far and wide, mobilizing for nonviolent action in the spring, and escalating throughout the summer of 2017. It's a bold, ambitious movement at a time when such vision and direction is needed.

Live Share Grow uses creative nonviolent action to interrupt business-as-usual; invites the 100% to live, share, grow; points to the viable alternatives, and actively participates in local, sustainable, just, and equitable ways of being in the world.