Greenpeace Responds to New Energy Proposals from Donald Trump

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Greenpeace Responds to New Energy Proposals from Donald Trump

In response to Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s energy and financial proposals, Greenpeace Executive Director Annie Leonard said:

“Donald Trump’s energy proposals read like a gift registry for the fossil fuel and financial industries. If a U.S. president would attempt to enact any of these proposals it would not only undo the the progress millions of people around the world have achieved on climate change, it would set this country on a path to economic ruin and environmental devastation. We need serious proposals and real work from the next administration if we’re going to stop the worst effects of climate change. These proposals are the last thing we need." 

"These Trump-branded energy proposals would mean more oil spills, more gas leaks, more carbon pollution, more poisoned communities, and more climate disasters. Climate change is real, the crisis is urgent, and we need the next president to be a leader, not an industry stooge. The climate movement is only growing stronger, and backwards policies like these will only make the stakes clearer in November.”

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