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28,000 Demand Superdelegates Represent Constituents


Twenty-eight thousand people (and rising steadily) have thus far signed a petition created on's do-it-yourself site demanding that superdelegates represent their constituents at the Democratic Party's 2016 national convention.

The petition, addressed to the Democratic National Committee, reads: "At the Democratic National Convention, superdelegates should vote for the presidential candidate whom their constituents have chosen in their respective state primaries or caucuses."

The petition and the comments added by signers can be found at:

"The Democratic Party should not employ any measures as antidemocratic as superdelegates," remarked campaign coordinator David Swanson. "Any superdelegate with any respect for democracy should commit to abiding by it now, rather than waiting for a possible crisis in which, after so many months of campaigning and voting, the votes of the superdelegates are able to determine the outcome. Superdelegates should also take this step immediately because some corporate media outlets are misleadingly including superdelegates in delegate counts, thereby swaying bandwagon voters in the direction of the candidate with the most superdelegate support, and facilitating false media statements that the outcome of the Democratic primaries has already been determined."

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