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Forced-Feeding is Torture! No Secret Courts!

Anti-Torture Activists to Demonstrate Outsider Federal Court Hearing Historic Forced-Feeding Case


On Monday, October 6 at 8:30 am, activists from Witness Against Torture, Code Pink, and other groups will demonstrate outside the US Federal District Court (333 Constitution Ave.) hearing the case of Guantanamo inmate Abu Wa'el Dhiab. Dhiab -- held since 2002 and was cleared for release by the US government in 2009 --is seeking that a Federal Judge put an end to his brutal forced-feeding at the prison. The US government has repeatedly sought to have the entire trial conducted in secret, and it remains unclear how much of it will be open to the media and the public.

The demonstration will feature a display of a "detainee" in a wheelchair (often necessary for Dhiab, given the state of his health), as well as signs saying "Forced-Feeding is Torture" and "No Secret Courts." It will also call attention to the anonymous military nurse at Guantanamo who refused to engage in forced-feeding, calling it a "criminal act."

What: Anti-torture demonstration at forced-feeding trial
When: Monday, October 6; 8:30 am
Where: US Federal District Court, 333 Constitution Ave., Wash., D.C. NW

Witness Against Torture has also organized a two-day "emergency fast" of people around the country to express their solidarity with Dhiab and support for his case.

Witness Against Torture is a grassroots movement that came into being in December 2005 when 24 activists walked to Guantanamo to visit the prisoners and condemn torture policies. Since then, it has engaged in public education, community outreach, and non-violent direct action. For the first 100 days of the Obama administration, the group held a daily vigil at the White House, encouraging the new President to uphold his commitments to shut down Guantanamo.