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New Republican Voter ID Bill Nothing More Than 'James Crow, Esq.'

Hundreds of Thousands of Legal Voters Could Be Denied Constitutional Right to the Franchise in Latest Republican Legal Voter Suppression Scheme


One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding the latest Republican effort to suppress the votes of legal voters through a "revised" voter identification bill. This latest attack on voter rights comes as the Republican-controlled Senate Elections Committee will have a hearing today on a bill to severely limit early voting in Wisconsin.

"The fact is under the U.S. Supreme Court standard, Wisconsin is utterly unable to administer a voter identification bill that would pass Constitutional muster. The Republicans have consulted with their legal team and put forth a scheme best described as 'James Crow, Esquire.' It remains that the only widespread fraud in Wisconsin when it comes to voting is partisan politicians attacking the rights of legal voters to achieve their political goals."

One Wisconsin Now's partner organization, One Wisconsin Institute filed an amicus brief in the NAACP-Voces de la Frontera case challenging the state's passed Voter ID law. The brief focused on both the lack of voter impropriety and the dramatic lack of available Department of Motor Vehicles offices compared to Indiana, which was the basis for the Wisconsin law Republicans passed in 2011. One Wisconsin Institute and its attorney have been asked to participate in the oral argument at the December hearing in the State of Wisconsin Court of Appeals District II in Waukesha.

One Wisconsin Institute's brief is available here:

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