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TransCanada Endangers Lives of Dozens of Peaceful Keystone XL Protesters in East Texas

Tar Sands Blockade is prepared to remain in trees as long as it takes to halt the tar sands pipeline despite dangers posed by TransCanada's reckless endangerment of their lives


TransCanada has been operating heavy timber clearing machinery within 20 feet of the site of a massive tree blockade, endangering the lives of nine protesters prepared to remain in the trees to halt the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Tar Sands Blockaders in trees remain undeterred by TransCanada's reckless behavior.

The sustained tree blockade entered its fourth day today following a day where work crews, under the direction and supervision of TransCanada, operated their machinery in recklessly close proximity to their tree sits. The machinery, feller bunchers, are so dangerous and unpredictable that one completely flipped over just this past Monday less than a mile away from the tree sit as documented on the Blockade's website.

In a separate incident, as captured by video, J.G. Genson, 30, was almost seriously injured in a separate incident Tuesday when an operator of this same piece of machinery aggressively tossed a tree in his direction in clear view of TransCanada and independent contractor supervisors.