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Romney Plan Is Recipe for a Cooked Planet

WASHINGTON - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is expected to address his energy plan at a campaign stop today in New Mexico.

The plan would open vast new areas to dangerous oil drilling, increase reliance on dirty forms of energy, including oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear reactors, gut investments in clean energy and eliminate public health regulations, all the while ignoring the threat of climate change.

Ben Schreiber, a spokesperson for Friends of the Earth Action, had the following statement in response:

“Governor Romney's proposal is like an easy bake recipe for cooking the planet -- double down on dirty energy, gut investments in clean energy and efficiency, and wait for the timer to go off on out-of-control climate change.

“GovernorRomney developed the plan in close collaboration with the fat cat oil executives helping to bankroll his campaign, and it shows. They stand to profit while our communities stand to suffer from more fossil fuel industry pollution.

“Ultimately, Romney’s plan shows how out of touch he is with the reality of climate change that Americans and people across the globe are waking up to. This summer, communities have faced devastating droughts, wildfires, floods and storms that have ripped lives and livelihoods apart. Romney’s plan would accelerate these devastating impacts, while offering no hope for solutions.”


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