Senate Delays PROTECT IP Vote After Public Outcry


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Senate Delays PROTECT IP Vote After Public Outcry

WASHINGTON - On Friday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced he would delay a vote on the PROTECT IP Act. A cloture vote on the controversial legislation had been scheduled for Tuesday.

Craig Aaron, president and CEO of the Free Press Action Fund, made the following statement:

“The public has spoken in no uncertain terms. And the clear message to Washington is that you can’t let corporate lobbyists dictate Internet policy, you can’t tamper with the open architecture of the Internet, and you can’t craft any future legislation without giving the public a seat at the table.

“While the PROTECT IP Act and its House counterpart, the Stop Online Piracy Act, are still kicking around the corridors of Capitol Hill, our elected members of Congress would be wise to relegate these bad bills to the dustbin of history.”


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