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Feel Good on Tax day. Tell the Corporate Tax Cheats How You Feel!

WASHINGTON - As Americans go to pay their taxes on Friday, April 15, GE, Bank of America and Verizon will once again be paying zero dollars.

That's why Move To Amend is joining with U.S. Uncut to help lead the largest protests against corporate tax cheats in American history. We refuse to let corporate tax cheats bankrupt our country.
There will be over 80 actions coast-to-coast, as well as hundreds more led by progressive groups uniting under the American Dream movement, targeting corporate tax cheats to tell them that there will be consequences for dodging taxes while we face massive budget cuts.
By taking action in our communities, we are transforming the way Americans look at taxes. More and more of our friends and neighbors are realizing there is an alternative to endless cuts and diminished expectations. This weekend could be a critical turning point for the debate about the budget--can you join an action near you?
If corporations paid their fair share, we would have enough new revenue to stop the budget cuts in every single U.S. state. Corporations are paying less in taxes then they ever have, which means we all have been picking up the tab.
The word is getting out too--just today, GE's tax evasion again made international news, as the Yes Men targeted them with a prank claiming that GE would return their hefty 3.2 billion dollar tax benefit from the U.S. government.
We can keep the spotlight on corporate tax cheats with a strong showing this weekend, click here to find an action near you.

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