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We Don’t Want Apocalypse Now. We Want Peace, Prosperity and Jobs. Now.

WASHINGTON - Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), continued his relentless opposition to war on the House floor today citing the cost of war and the need for investment here at home.

See the video here. The full text follows:

“Here’s a formula for the collapse of both our economy and our democracy: Increase spending for the Pentagon by $7 billion and ensure its budget for the rest of the fiscal year. Everything else gets cut $13 billion and gets a budget for just one week.

“Money for war in Iraq. War in Afghanistan. War over Pakistan. War in Libya. So many wars going on at the same time you could rename our town WARshington.

“Money for bombs.  No money for books. Money for missiles. No money for new moms. Money for jet fighters. No money for crime fighters. Money for an empire that is as broad as our fears. No money for an America that is as large as our hopes.

“Just money for unnecessary wars.

“We don’t want Apocalypse Now. We want peace now. We want jobs now. We want prosperity now. And we want the leadership to provide it. Now.


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