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DOJ Lawsuit Comes in Nick of Time to Stop Arizona's Expensive, Ineffective and Unconstitutional Immigration Law

Federal Action Is the Only Way to End our Illegal Immigration Problems


Today the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that it is filing a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for its radical, costly and unconstitutional law-SB1070. In response, SEIU Executive Vice President Eliseo Medina issued the following statement:

"DOJ has arrived in the nick of time to stop the ticking time bomb set by Arizona Republicans. There is no question that we need serious solutions to address our broken immigration system, but a 50-state patchwork of ineffective, conflicting and costly state laws won't work.

"As frustration mounts over Congress' failure to address our broken immigration system, we cannot by fooled by false prophets. Arizonans-just like all Americans-deserve real immigration solutions, not political maneuvers that drain limited state coffers, violate basic civil rights, but fail to solve the problem.

"America needs federal immigration reform that will uphold our nation's values, strengthen our economy and move us forward together. But Republicans, including Arizona Senator John McCain, keep blocking workable reform. Pushing an extremist, anti-immigrant agenda may score Republicans some cheap political points in November, but it won't do anything to address the drug smugglers on the border, restore the rule of law, or target the abusive employers who benefit from today's failed system.

"Until we see a comprehensive fix to our immigration problems, enforcement-only bills like Arizona's SB 1070 will continue to make the problems worse, not better. Instead of pushing costly legislation that has become a lightning rod for hate, the Republicans must decide NOW whether they want to deliver the real solutions that Arizonans and all Americans are clamoring for."

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