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'Mount Vernon Statement': Fancy New Name, Same Old Talking Points

WASHINGTON - Today, a group of Right Wing leaders will unveil their much hyped
"Mount Vernon Statement" which they claim will provide a
"definitive statement" regarding the central principles of the
conservative movement.  But upon review, the document looks like more of
the same old talking points.

"Anyone who was expecting a new direction for the conservative
movement will be disappointed," said Michael B. Keegan, President of
People For the American Way.  "The Mount Vernon Statement appears to
be yet another recitation of the same tired dogma we've seen for
decades.  Every few years, the Right Wing tries to cobble together its
standard talking points under a new title and pass it off as a bold new

Keegan pointed to the recent "Manhattan
" as an example of another conservative messaging document
that garnered significant media attention by doing little more than restating
the Right's opposition to reproductive freedom and gay rights.

"Maybe some day they'll move beyond the same old
anti-government, anti-choice, anti-gay dogma," said
Keegan. "But not today."


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